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Affiliate Disclosure

by crypstorm

This Affiliate Disclosure governs your access and use of Crypstorm, specifically regarding our use of affiliate links.

An “affiliate link” connects to third-party websites featured on our platform. When you engage with these links—such as clicking, depositing, or transacting on the linked third-party site—Crypstorm may receive compensation. This could be in various forms, including tokens, digital currency, fiat currency, services, or products.

Should you decide to use these affiliate links to subscribe to or use services offered by these third parties, note that they may collect your information. We strongly advise reviewing their privacy policies thoroughly before sharing any personal data. Your engagement with these links is at your sole risk and discretion.

Crypstorm is not responsible for your actions on these third-party sites, nor for any potential loss or damage arising from your use of the affiliate links. Your interactions through these links are your responsibility.